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End of the Semester

I truly enjoyed this class!  Almost wish I didn’t take it online… there were definitely more highs than there were lows in this course.  I thought everything was very well explained and organized especially for an online course.  My only lows were having malfunctions with the power points and not making the best grades on … Continue reading End of the Semester


Happiness is something that can be hard to find sometimes.  College is a tough place.  It took me all of freshman and some of sophomore year to figure myself out and be fully happy with life.  Happiness to me is surrounding yourself with positive vibes and positive people.  I didn’t know to many of those … Continue reading Happiness


Surprisingly I throughly enjoyed my Twitter experience.  About a year ago, I deactivated my Twitter account because I stopped using it and found it pointless in my life at the time.  In high school, Twitter only caused drama and was a place for people to hide behind their phones, and I didn’t like that.  However, … Continue reading Twitter

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